Moving Checklists

We want to make your move a success.

As you prepare for your upcoming move, make certain you have all of the right information at your disposal. Read through the checklists before, and if you have any questions, please get in touch with our team: (951­) 807­-3779

Move-in Checklist

First Month's Rent & Security Deposit & Pet Fees

Your first month's rent, security deposit and pet fees are due at the lease signing. We cannot provide the keys to your rental without these funds.


As a Cornerstone PPM client, you are responsible for placing all utility accounts in your name as of the first day you move in. Do this as soon as possible to avoid losing access to utilities.

Renters Insurance

Please provide the declarations page of your renters insurance policy upon move in. All residents are required to carry renters insurance in the amount of $30,000 for personal property coverage and $100,000 for personal liability coverage. Cornerstone Professional Property Management will need to be listed as additionally insured so we can track and report whether coverage is kept current.

Change of Address

As soon as your approved and we have a scheduled move in date you will want to change your address. 

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Move-In Checklist Inspection

You have seven days from the day you move into the rental property to thoroughly document the condition of the rental property on the provided move-in/move-out checklist. You must keep a copy for your personal records and provide Cornerstone Professional Property Management a copy via email, mail or fax. The move in/ move-out checklist is provided to document the condition of the rental property inside and out in order to prevent deduction from your Security Deposit. The move-in/move-out checklist is not a wish list. This list does not obligate the landlord and or the Property Management Company to make repairs unless such repairs are deemed necessary due to liability or in-habitability.

Move-out Checklist

Notice of Intent to Vacate

Planning to leave your rental home? Please provide a 30-day written notice of your intent to vacate the premises. This gives our team time to begin preparing for the next resident.

Pre-Move Out Inspection

After you have submitted your 30-day notice of intent to vacate you will need to schedule a pre-move-out inspection two weeks prior to your final move out date so we can address any potential deductions from your Security Deposit & Pet Fees.

Move-Out Checklist Inspection

At your final move-out inspection we will compare your move-in checklist to the current condition of the property. You will need to return all keys, remotes and passes.

Property Condition

Your home should be returned to its original condition before you return the keys to us.

• RENTAL CLEANING: Please carefully clean every room in your rental home, wiping down all hard surfaces and cleaning the floors. In your kitchen and bathroom, you will need to pay extra attention and sanitize all surfaces with the proper cleaning products.

• LANDSCAPING & OUTDOOR AREAS: If you have outdoor space where you are responsible for lawn care and other upkeep, make certain this has been taken care of before you leave.

• CARPET CLEANING: Tenants are required to have the carpets PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED at the time of Move-Out. This must be completed after you have completely removed all your belongings and vacated the property. A Receipt from a professional carpet cleaning company must be provided to us when you turn in your keys. DO NOT rent machines from a store or use home cleaning machines. Only professional cleaning is acceptable.

IF you have pets you must have any spot treatments or pet treatments done as needed. If any Odors or Pet Odors re-surfaces after you have vacated the property, the tenant will be responsible for charges incurred to remove the odor. If the cleaning is not done to our satisfaction, tenants will be charged for any additional expense. IF YOU DO NOT PRODUCE YOUR RECEIPT AT MOVE OUT, YOU WILL BE CHARGED.

• REPAIRS: If any damage occurred inside your property during your stay, please take the necessary steps to repair such damage. This includes patching nail and screw holes and repainting discolored walls.