Citizen Home Solutions

We take care of connecting all your utilities and amenities so you can focus on more important things in moving into your new home or office.

If you have not done so already, schedule utilities to be turned on or transferred into your name on your lease commencement date. Our FREE concierge Utility Service, Citizen Home Solutions, will be contacting you by phone to help you setup your utilities. This is a free service to assist you with connecting utilities, cable and internet according to your area. If you have not heard from Citizen Home Solutions click on the Learn More button to set up your utilities.

It is your responsibility to ensure your power, gas, water etc. have been connected into your name by the start date of your lease agreement. This will ensure you do not have any disruption of utility services when you move in.


Satellite Dish Rules & Regulations

If you choose satellite services for your new residence we highly suggest you contact our satellite retailer Citizen Home Solutions at 877-528-3824 to insure the installation is done correctly. We do not allow the satellite dishes to be installed on the roof or the side of the home. It must be on a pole mount, out of sight and in the backyard. By contacting Citizen Home Solutions they will make sure it gets installed correctly to help you avoid any fines or fees.